1100x600 mm, oil on canvas, №1636

The Brave

700x500 mm, oil on canvas, №1624

Scarlet sails

700x500 mm, oil on canvas, №1623

Inspired by rains

900x600 mm, oil on canvas, №1580

Naval battle

600x900 mm, oil on canvas, №1557


900x600 mm, oil on canvas, №1555

Crimean coast

800x900 mm, oil on canvas, №1552

Scarlet sails

900x700 mm, oil on canvas, №1523

Scarlet Sails

700x500 mm, oil on canvas, №1421

Bay in Italy

600x700 mm, oil on canvas, №1401

Towards the sun

800x900 mm, oil on canvas, №1395

Wind of hope

900x700 mm,oil on canvas, №1384


700x500 mm,oil on canvas, №1377


500x600 mm, oil on canvas, №1338

On the seashore

500x600 mm, oil on canvas, №1334

At the berth

500x600 mm,oil on canvas, №1233

From series Port

500x600 mm,oil on canvas, №1194

From series Port

500x600 mm,oil on canvas, №1184

From series Port

500x600 mm,oil on canvas, №1185

Night on Neva

600x700 mm,oil on canvas, №1181

At the pier

900x600 mm,oil on canvas, №1036

The surf

600x700 mm,oil on canvas, №1022

The surf

700x500 mm,oil on canvas, №1019

The old ship

900x600 mm,oil on canvas, №1011

The sails

900x700 mm, oil on canvas, №990

"Night berth"

500х600 mm, oil on canvas, №693

"The crimea etude"

600х400 mm, oil on canvas, №676

"Study at the pier"

400 х 500  mm, oil on canvas, №654

"The crimea etude"

400х500 mm, oil on canvas, №663  

The sailing ship

800х600 mm, oil on canvas, №686А

Under full sail

1000х600 mm, oil on canvas, №623