Artist Dmitry Kustanovich

Dmitry Kustanovich was born on the 29th of March in 1970 in Minsk. He lives and works in St. Petersburg.

He held more than 100 exhibitions from 1995 to 2020, more of them are personal. His works are in galleries and private collections of many countries of the world. The beginning of creative activity of the artist passed in his native Minsk. Exactly here he started creating world famous series such as "City Rains", "Butterflies", "Glass", etc .

The artist held personal exhibitions in Minsk, participated in statements of theatrical stsenografiya.

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Dmitry Kustanovich. Tram

The poetization of urban public transport in the Russian lyrics of the twentieth century is quite clear. Unlike a horse, a tram along with a trolleybus does not have a soul and, for example, N. Gumilyov and O. Mandelstam endowed it with supernatural properties. Being fundamentally new vehicles, they still embody the belief in progress. Also, their soullessness can be a reason for fear. In poems…

Painter Dmitry Kustanovich about the painting «New World»

Viktor Kosakovsky's film «Gunda» impressed me so much that I could not help but paint this piece. If he would only impress...! He also reminded all modern cinema and all forgetful contemporary cultural figures about the aesthetic essence of art.  Yes, my dear reader! You can brilliantly portray a pig's lifestyle, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. And you can also glorify…

The Book. Dmitry Kustanovich

We all read the Internet, realizing that it has been reading us itself for a long time. Or rather, it has already read us long ago. We are left with unread books. The freest invention of mankind, which wants nothing from us. It just waits. There's always something or someone waiting for us. Surprisingly, as a rule, the best and the real. Something better than us. Maybe that's…

About the series «Old Plodders» by Dmitry Kustanovich

The heroes of this series of paintings are the objects of inanimate nature, namely, vehicles: locomotives, helicopters, planes, cars. On what grounds does this choice of the paintings' subjects stand? Why did these means of conveyance rivet the attention of the painter so much that he dedicated a whole series to them? What artistic and philosophical sense does he put into these images? These are…

About the series of the paintings «The Apostles»

The series of the paintings, that this article is about, is an important milestone of the development of the art of the painter Dmitry Kustanovich and requires a separate thoughtful and unhurried conversation. «The Apostles» are outstanding artworks of the religious genre depicting the images of the saints. It should be noted at once…

Gallery of Kustanovich in St. Petersburg