Painter Dmitry Kustanovich about the painting «New World»

Viktor Kosakovsky's film «Gunda» impressed me so much that I could not help but paint this piece. If he would only impress...! He also reminded all modern cinema and all forgetful contemporary cultural figures about the aesthetic essence of art. 

Yes, my dear reader! You can brilliantly portray a pig's lifestyle, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. And you can also glorify the angelic world in a mediocre way, thereby alienating the viewer from the sublime with elementary ignorance and vulgarity.

Aesthetic concepts of beauty and ugliness in action!

In this case, the film is beautiful and, of course, the pig.

Let it be an advertisement for the film.

My piglet is probably cute, but it also has a bit of a different meaning, because I allowed myself to have an intolerable fun. But I have an eternal argument in my defense — the truth that has always saved insolent artists from the attacks of the consumer. And comprehension of this truth is given only to those who are able to find in everything they see, read and hear the second, third, fourth ... tenth bottom. Or better yet, infinity.

Yes, if my piglet knew about the meanings that I gave him. But right now, the most important thing for him is the new and only his world.

Дмитрий Кустанович. «Новый мир»

Dmitry Kustanovich. «New World», 70x80 cm, 2021