Exhibition "The memory of his father" in 2007, Minsk, Belarus

From December 16, 2006 till december 24, 2006 - the Christmas Art Fair-2006, the Ttretyakov Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia. The works of Dmitry Kustanovich were represented.

"My dear Daddy!

It’s been a year since you died. I’ve prepared an exhibition of my paintings to this date.

I was thinking of you while painting. I didn’t paint something that you didn’t like not to confuse the majority. I painted something that you liked to spiritualize the minority.

I gave up proving anything in my life. I realize that with my work I will fail, just like you did, to break the wall of sins, especially nowadays when people adopt a new, perverted by time, “saucepan” morals. And what was not good and even shameful at your time, is now becoming a norm. But I try, like you did, to be honest to myself and to you too. I try to honestly do my work that doesn’t teach and doesn’t cure. It just entertains the many, though it touches the few. For the latter I create my paintings.

Your path wasn’t "a bed of roses", neither was mine. Your pain has come onto me. From you I learn to create and not to imitate, to move and not to use, to show and not to prove, to love and not to teach. For me the value of art is defined by its innovation and not by a mechanical execution.
I’m the luckiest person because you were Father. First of all because there was nothing in you that I doubted. I’m lucky as I love everything I respect.

And I love those whome I respect. And I’ll never love and even accept anything that you didn’t love and accept. I work and sign with the name that You gave me. Your family name. I sign with YOU. In every picture devoted to you there’s a small, soaked with blood piece of clothes that you were wearing when you died, and a pinch of soil from the place of your death.

My dear Daddy! Every year on the day you died I’ll be coming to my native city and helding an exhibition. It’ll become a tradition. Spectators, your friends and your relatives will come. I’ll be exhibiting my works that are yours too. And every year I’ll be taking out my sincerity to the audience for their judgment. I’ll try to work honestly. I don’t want everybody to like what I’m doing, I want YOU to like that. In my paintings there won’t be any showing off that you hated so much. They’ll express our family internal phylosophy.

Your son Dmitry Alexandrovich Kustanovich".