Artist of Dmitry Kustanovich

Dmitry Kustanovich was born on March 29, 1970 in Minsk. He lives and works in St. Petersburg.

From 1995 to present day, he held more than 100 exhibitions, most of them were personal. His works belong in galleries and private collections in many countries around the world.

He is the founder of a new style of painting – spatial realism. Spatial realism is the authorial style of painting by Dmitry Kustanovich, in which the space depicted within the same plane and within the framework of the realistic method, due to the expressive means of painting, acquires the effect of three-dimensionality and dynamism.

The outset of the painter's creative activity took place in his native city of Minsk. It was here that he began to create the world-famous series “Urban Rains”, “Butterflies”, “Glass”, etc.The painter has held solo exhibitions in Minsk, participated in the production of theatrical scenographies. Personal exhibitions were also held in Portugal, Germany, Russia, France, and the Netherlands.

In 2006, the painter moved to St. Petersburg. The first exhibition, in which he takes part, brings him success and recognition. Famous Russian gallery owners Georgy Nikolaevich Mikhailov (the founder and owner of the Free Russian Contemporary Art Foundation), Vitaly Petrovich Tretyakov and many others host him at their exhibition venues.

Christmas personal exhibition of Dmitry Kustanovich is held annually and becomes a Petersburg's tradition in the Smolny Cathedral of St. Petersburg.
The painter creates new series of paintings: “Russian”, “Forest”, “Petersburg Courtyards”, “Dreams on the Neva”, “Texture of cinema”, “Etudes at the wheel”, “Triumph of Orthodoxy”, “Alexander Nevsky Lavra”, “Aesthetics of Globalism”, “Women's images”, etc.

The painter's homeland — Belarus — has always been a source of inspiration for him. The small streets of his native Minsk, the unique beauty of the Belarusian nature have always lived in the memory, touched the heart of the painter and served as the subjects of his canvases. While working in St. Petersburg, he created and presented to the Russian audience a new series of paintings, which he lovingly called “My little Homeland — Belarus”.

On December 29, 2009, by the decision of the International Coordinating Council of the World Alliance “PEACEMAKER” (Moscow), the painter Dmitry Kustanovich was awarded the Medal “Talent and Vocation” for promoting the ideas of peace. In December 2009 Dmitry Kustanovich was awarded the title of Academician of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (St. Petersburg).

In June 2010, a personal gallery of paintings by Dmitry Kustanovich –“Gallery of Kustanovich” – was opened in St. Petersburg at 11 B. Konyushennaya Street. Located in the historical center of St. Petersburg, the gallery has become one of the cultural centers visited by residents of St. Petersburg and guests of the “northern capital”. The gallery regularly hosts master classes of the artist, music and creative evenings.

In 2012, director Pyotr Soldatenkov, the author of the film about Vladimir Vysotsky and many other well-known documentaries, presented a new documentary about the painter Dmitry Kustanovich – “I Love”.

On December 2, 2013, Dmitry Kustanovich was awarded the Diploma of Metropolitan Vladimir of St. Petersburg and Ladoga in Blessing for his hard work for the glory of the Holy Church and in connection with the 300th anniversary of the Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg.

The master is included in the list of the Best contemporary artists of Russia (ARTEEX).

The inventor of the authorial technique of painting, Dmitry Kustanovich entered contemporary art as a master, who is distinguished by originality, recognizability, depth of content and a high level of performance.

He created his own pictorial language based on personal, musical perception of the surrounding world. Much attention is paid to the surface of the painting, the painting plane itself, which is of great importance for the formation of the space of the image.

The character of the compositions, the special solution of the surface form the specific dynamics of Kustanovich's canvases. With a deep texture layer directly on the canvas, the master creates a thick palette, on which he technically and accurately forms his creative concept.

The author found his own penmanship, his own techniques with the use of a palette knife, which gives the opportunity to make the painting three-dimensional, multi-layered and polyphonic. His painting is textured, graphic and subtle. The lines are rhythmic and free. In expression and emotionality – a sense of temperance and taste. He found a new style of stroke, he has his own, so-called “oil graphics”.

The technique of execution, like the technique of the fingers of a musician, is neat, sensual, professional. Musical education helps the author to perceive all the phenomena of nature on a subtle intuitive level, which gives his works a rhythmic compositional structure and musicality to the sound of the palette.

Encounter of classical art and modern culture, references to images and styles of different eras, mixing, richness of associations are characteristic of the painter's work.

Highlighting the current trends in art, we can say that the painter stands apart. A kind of “loner”, he attracts more and more attention every year. His hand is recognizable.

He is one of the most popular contemporary artists. The paintings of Kustanovich are acquired by both collectors and amateurs, including for the purpose of financial investments. He is one of the few painters who, while causing a lot of controversy around him, has received independent recognition and love of the viewers.