George Mikhailov about the artist Dmitry Kustonovich

“…An important detail of the artist’s biography is, among others, his not being a “product” of present-day means of gaining fame and recognition. Talented and hard-working, the artist intentionally refused to go that way. Surprising as it may seem, Kustanovich “has himself made his way”, or rather he was not doing anything special, he was just working. He didn’t seek any support from state authorities, associations, funds, sponsors etc.
For young artists who try to find their own way in art he is an example of a person whose honest and sincere work has brought him success and recognition. People are tired of “squares”, “blurs”, “concepts” that are in most cases serve just to deceive them. The audience’s sensual and emotional sides respond to the real, the honest, the pure…”
"We’ve recently discovered a very interesting, absolutely outstanding artist who has resounded throughout Petersburg. He’s got his own style. We thought everything had already been invented, and suddenly, look, there’s a man with his own style. And his style is not something like a “black square”, but something that is understood by the audience. That’s really amazing. His name is Dima Kustanovich. Nowadays he’s also the most popular from the commercial side. He has invented a new stroke manner creating “oil graphics”. In any case, I personally have never seen such a technique in the painting history. So he’s sure to figure in history just for that”.

Georgy Nikolayevich Mikhaylov, founder and owner of the Fund of Free Russian Contemporary Art, in his interview to the Radio ”Svoboda” (Radio ”Liberty”).