Music evening «Tchaikovsky»

On November 7, 2015, a music evening «Tchaikovsky» was held at the «Gallery of Kustanovich». The masterpieces of the great Russian composer will be performed by the St. Petersburg pianists Maria Buryak, Alexander Kustanovich, the virtuoso violinist Semyon Zakharyaev and the brilliant soprano Ekaterina Sannikova. The concert featured romances, acts from the ballet "The Nutcracker", piano and violin pieces by Tchaikovsky. The concert was conducted by the Honored Artist of Russia, pianist Irina Sharapova.

An auction of the paintings of Dmitry Kustanovich served a conclusion of the evening.

Музыкальный вечер «Чайковский»

Music evening «Tchaikovsky». Gallery of Kustanovich

Музыкальный вечер «Чайковский» в Галерее Кустановича

Soprano Ekaterina Sannikova

Музыкальный вечер «Чайковский»

Artist Dmitry Kustanovich and soprano Ekaterina Sannikova

Музыкальный вечер «Чайковский»

Pianist Alexander Kustanovich

Пианисты Мария и Александр Кустановичи

Pianists Maria Kustanovich and Alexander Kustanovich