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Petersburg Studio of Dmitry Kustanovich 2007, St. Petersburg

In the St. Petersburg Studio of Dmitry Kustanovich 2007, St. Petersburg

- gorgeous children's ensemble "Baby jazz” under the guidance of our close friend, a wonderful teacher and person and just the best woman on earth Strautman of Vera Mikhailovna.
- composer, poet, musician, performer of his own songs, incomparable, no one else like our friend Anna Strautman.
- founder and owner of the Foundation of Contemporary Russian Art, a man of legend, who devoted all his hard life art, a fighter and a winner of the George N. Mikhailov and the artist's son Alexander Kustanovich – talented pianist, the future of our art. And the artist himself.
the thought and voice of the era. Idol and the creative inspiration of the artist. Our friend Elena Kamburova.
- Vlad Stalmahov – friend and favorite artist Dmitry on the background of his work.
- the artist's mother Valentina Mikhailovna Kustanovich. All thanks to her.
the wife and Muse of the artist Tatiana Kustanovich-Wide. All with her.