Art specialist Nonna Alexandrovna Yakovleva and painter Dmitry Kustanovich

In the Gallery of Kustanovich in St. Petersburg took place a meeting, a personal acquaintance, a communication of the painter Dmitry Kustanovich with the world famous art specialist, pedagogue, journalist, doctor of Art History, professor Nonna Alexandrovna Yakovleva.

Dmitry Kustanovich about the meeting:

«Today I personally met Nonna Alexandrovna Yakovleva. Doctor of Art History, professor, member of international association of Art Critics, come on, what's there to list. Her books and scientific papers alone are worth a lot. From these books we've learned how «to Be». We spoke of «rustlings of archangel's wings». We spoke of the circumstances when it is possible and not possible to paint.»

Искусствовед Нонна Александровна Яковлева и художник Дмитрий Кустанович