Emotional degustation in the wine house Kaudal | March 4, 2020

On the 4th of March 2020 at a closed soiree at the St. Petersburg wine house «Kaudal», the project «Emotional Degustation» was held. The project used autochthonous sorts of wines from Italian producers.

The project «Emotional Degustation» is an art performance by the painter Dmitry Kustanovich, during which the viewers taste wine and reflect their impressions on the canvas. The painting is conditionally divided into emotions of taste, color and aroma. Thus, a painting is created that visualizes the palette of impressions — an emotional unique portrait of wine.

The Gallery of Kustanovich devised the method of emotional degustation of wine in cooperation with the laboratory of experimental winemaking, under the leadership of Oleg Ivanov.

The project «Emotional Degustation»
The wine house «Kaudal» | March 4, 2020